Dedicated to all musicians, artists, producers, DJs, label owners and music managers struggling to find a way to build a loyal fanbase and to start making real money with music.

Effective Music Promotion And

Monetization That You Won’t Hate

Hello. I am Andrew Apanov, founder of the Dotted Music marketing agency. With my help you will crack the puzzle of music marketing.


        These are the goals I can help you achieve:

01. Build an outstanding and remarkable brand, not just another music act.

02. Build a loyal fanbase. Earning the trust of 1,000 true fans can be just the beginning.

03. Earn money with music online, beyond selling records and touring.

04. Create a professional web presence and a website that will deliver results.

- Fanu | Lightless Recordings

Andrew has been with PLAYMA from day one, and he did an excellent job with putting all our online stuff together and creating a promotional strategy, as well as occasionally helping with labels and booking inquiries. We now stand still on our feet and manage most of the shit on our own, yet reach out to Andrew any time we need an assistance.

- PLAYMA | Audioporn Records, Play Me, Hardcore Beats

Although i haven't been working with Andrew from Dotted music long - i am amazed with his knowledge of all things related to Social Media., Working with Andrew has been a joy and i can see our working relationship developing in the months to come...

- Soul Avengerz | Conkrete Digital

There are so many resources and tools available nowadays that I had been getting totally lost in trying to understand where I should invest my time to promote my music, until I started to work with Andrew. He knows how to build a strategy, what tools to use, and how to get things done. As an artist, I just want to make my music, and Andrew is the way to do just that and not be distracted.

- Amir Afargan (ex-A-Force) | Armada Music

Want a little secret someone forgot to tell you? Everyone needs a team to succeed. More than that, an artist needs a team desperately, more than anyone else. Name me a music act who has “made it” alone. They just don’t show you what actually happens behind-the-scenes on MTV.


I want to be your partner (your manager for hire, if you want), and to show how your art can start paying off as it’s supposed to.


Working with me and Dotted Music, you get the analysis, the plan, and the results: your art and name being spread, fanbase and sales - grown.

I want to be a part of your team

(Updated 12/26/13) Currently I don't have any available slots in this consulting program, but please still get in touch with me using the form below and we will schedule a call to discuss how I can help your music career.

Andrew's got a vision every time! He's the type that knows music industry and media inside out – and you can always count on him to pull nice tricks out of his bag. Andy always thinks outside the box, reaching for some cool stuff you didn't think of. Definitely a grrreat extension to my sometimes-so-occupied brain!

Yes, this consultation is free and doesn’t oblige you in any way.


Just fill out the form on the right and we’ll get this free call scheduled in a couple minutes.

PS: If you don’t think it can work, why don’t we discuss it over a call? You will be surprised to know how close you are to music success.


Looking forward to talking to you soon,


     Andrew Apanov

     Musician’s Web Keeper

If you want to learn how exactly I can help you reach more fans and start earning with music online, without hating the whole process, just leave your contact details in the form below. You will receive a link to schedule a free 30 minute Skype call with me.


We will discuss in detail where you stand, and after the call you will get a personalized plan of your path to music success.

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